College Decision

Dear All,

I am happy to announce that I plan to become a member of Marist University’s Freshman Class of 2019-2020! I will be attending their campus in Florence, Italy (partnered with the Lorenzo De’Medici Institute) and will be working toward a BA in Art Conservation Studies, one of the very few colleges that offer a full bachelors degree in this field in a remote setting; in the very heart of renaissance art itself! I recently visited the campus, and being in the city alone made me realize that this is exactly the right place for me; somewhere, where I can continue to grow internationally with a diverse student body and enriched by not only the amazing courses Marist provides but the rich history of this city environment with unique opportunities to become involved in my chosen path.

It has been a long time coming, trying to decide what I want to pursue in the future, and who knows, perhaps it will still change. But, the plan at the moment is to work in art restoration; an area that I believe combines my interest in science as well as art and art history. I know it will be a career and pathway that will always fully engage me, and the thought of what my future holds excites me!!

I’m not sure how to write this type of letter but I do want to express my gratitude to key people who have helped me throughout this process. I’d like to thank my referees, who played a role in my acceptance. Thank you for seeing potential in me, and writing endorsements on my behalf. Furthermore, the college counselors at my school, who introduced me to this college in the first place, and guided me through the process overall. I’d also like to thank family and friends for not only offering support while I managed to be a full IB diploma student, but also juggle the stress of the many applications that I submitted. I will forever be grateful for the sometimes last minute proofreads ( and often at awful hours of the night – thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!).

I guess that’s all! I am in good hands and excited for the future!

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