My Approach

I still have growing to do in my approach to art making as well as my understanding of art, but this is what I believe. Art is a profound form of expression that many people don’t seem to fully comprehend and this is why I wish to create art. I want to create a relationship with the viewer, I want to reach out, and I want emotion to essentially “slap them in the face.” I want them to walk away contemplating, and most importantly feeling. If art doesn’t do that, is it truly profound?

This comes from my lack of being able to express things with words. I know what I’m thinking and what I’m feeling, but I can never find the right words to express this. Art for me fulfills the purpose of explaining, and through visual stimuli, I wish to explain. It gives me clarity, and gives the viewer insight.

My Story

Shanghai, Moscow, University Place, Warsaw — who knows where else. A third culture kid, with a damn strong love for art. What else is there to say?